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Artist Amanda Matthews working in clay in her studio, black and white photo of the right profile of her face

About The Artist: Amanda Matthews

Sculptor and Designer of The Girl Puzzle

Amanda Matthews is an American sculptor and designer of public art and the space it inhabits. She is a writer, public speaker, and the CEO of Prometheus Art, a Design/Build Firm located in Lexington, Kentucky. Matthews earned her Bachelor’s in Studio Art and Philosophy from the University of Louisville in 1990 and studied Fine Art and Architecture in Paris, France in 1989.

A commitment to fairness, civil rights, and community is central to Matthews’ work, which recognizes and honors the plight of those who are marginalized and still seeking equal rights and representation. She designs large-scale monuments and installations with emphasis on accessibility for all people.

Her artist statement reads: "My work represents many iterations of the philosophy that we are born from our innate connection with Nature and each other. We are ancestor and descendant, amoeba and mammoth, hawk and mouse, forest and wind, chaos and pattern, particle and wave. We are all born from the same stars, sculpted from the same source, and contain the same life."

Artist Amanda Matthews smiles in a black and white headshot in front of a bookcase

Her ongoing body of work, Messengerscaptures the magic and mystery of our place, as animated spirits, within the natural world. This series deeply considers the spectra of gender and sexuality through a cultural and anthropological lens.

In addition to her role as CEO of Prometheus Art, Matthews serves as the Chair of the Kentucky Oral History Commission, a Board Member of the Kentucky Historical Society's Governing Board, and is President of the Board of Directors of the Artemis Initiative, a public charity whose mission is to fund and platform public artworks that honor women, children, nature, and other marginalized beings. 


For more information on Matthews' biography and a more comprehensive history of her work, awards, and presentations, please visit her page here. To follow her work in real-time, visit her social media: 

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