Concept Rendering © Amanda Matthews, Prometheus Art

The Girl Puzzle Monument Honoring Nellie Bly

Roosevelt Island, New York City, NY

© Artist, Amanda Matthews

Nellie Bly told the stories of other women. Now, we will tell hers.

Although her life and legacy include broad professional experience as a journalist, women’s rights advocate, suffragist, WWI correspondent, inventor/patent holder, industrialist, and humanitarian, a common thread for Nellie Bly is that she experienced the plight of those who are marginalized. She wrote stories that would move the needle toward equality and progress, especially for women. Highly regarded as America’s first investigative journalist, she set a precedent for what it means to be a voice for the voiceless. 


Bly gave a voice and a face to women who had no visibility or prominence in society.

The Girl Puzzle honors Nellie Bly by presenting, on a monumental scale, faces of many women who have endured hardship, but are stronger for it. Bly’s face is cast in silver bronze, and the other four faces are cast in bronze. Each of the faces, rendered in partial sections that appear like giant puzzle pieces, show a depth of emotion and complexity of being broken and repaired. As the viewer approaches and enters, they become part of the puzzle by interacting with the reflective surfaces and seeing sections of the faces come together at different vantage points. 


This installation is dually inspired by Bly's incredible response to bigotry which became her first published headline in 1885, The Girl Puzzle; and by her seminal work, Ten Days in a Madhouse, that shaped her life of dedication and empathy for others.


Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation, RIOC

New York, NY


Amanda Matthews

Prime Contractor

Prometheus Foundry, LLC dba Prometheus Art

Amanda Matthews and Brad Connell, Owners

Lexington, KY

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Owner's Rep

The LiRo Group

New York, NY

Civil/Structural Engineer

Pyramid Consulting, Structural and Civil Engineers

Mohammad Seraji, PE

Lexington, KY

Electrical Engineer

The Roberts Group

Vaughn Roberts Hill, PE

Lexington, KY

*The Girl Puzzle Monument, as a public accommodation, was designed in accordance with the 2010 Standards of Accessible Design of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Along with accessible pathways, the installation will feature braille plaques and audio descriptions. 

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© 2020 by Designer Audrey Fields, Artist Amanda Matthews.

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